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„She is intuitive and reassuring, and held me securely enough for me to be comfortable, yet lightly enough for my body to relax and explore its own patterns in the water. She identified and calmed my centres of anxiety, and released deep tensions. I felt truly free and peaceful after our first Watsu exploration, and I am eager for more. Thank you, Kamila.”

Kathy: teacher, gardener, dancer and poet - Watsu

“We are amazed by Kamila’s expertise… The children cannot wait for their next lesson tomorrow… Kamila’s approach is simply perfect and the fact that the children have begun to swim independently is a reflection on her excellent teaching and her wonderful (calm and kind) attitude.”

Manja K. Swimming lesson

“Her warm guidance was so much different than what I had experienced in any swimming pool before - and suddenly I realized that with her presence and caution I was able to swim with less than two hours of practice. Being 31 y.o. I never thought that’s gonna happen and to my surprise with such ease, trust and comfort would more than recommend to trust getting in the water with her “


 Conquer fear of water -Magda 


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This class is my own invention. I am using all my aquatic bodywork knowledge. It is dedicated for adults and children that just want to enjoy being in the water while having a proper exercises. Fun ONLY!


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I trained swimming for 15 years at the National level which makes my teaching very technically correct. I have been  a swim coach for 9 years.

Besides elementary teaching I am able to create workouts for swimmers based on abilities, analysing strokes and technique. Many triathlonist already got technical support at my sessions...


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Active aquatic theraphy is based on principles of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and body mechanicks. Hallwick concept is an approach to teaching all people, in particular, focussing on those with physical and/or learning difficulties...


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This class is a mixture of my teaching and aqua therapy skills which makes it special for people who wants to conquer the fear of water, find the freedom in the body and regain control. Learning to swim is like learning to fly. You would be surprised how much joy it can bring.

Conquer Fear of water

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Aquatic theraphy, a water massage. It incoporates static passive streches and seqence of passive body movements or patterns performed at warm, minimum 33 degrees water. It is based on theories of meridians introduces applied techniques of Shiatsu into the water.



I have spent half of my life in the water – I honed my swimming technique on a national level for 15 years before naturally going on to become a lifeguard, scuba diver, swim teacher and finally an Aqua Therapist. Following my empathy toward both people and nature, I have also studied Oceanography and Wildlife Conservation.

Working as swim teacher has inspired me to work with the water itself in order to promote well-being and natural healing for clients. I have developed effective Aquatic bodywork therapies: The absolute relaxation of WATSU and the intuitive methodology of the HALLIWICK concept. My work is balanced between bodywork and therapy and I am able to tailor each session to your individual needs.
I am also a dedicated disciple of Yoga and continue to explore new bodywork techniques both on land and in water.

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The underwater space, where I will be your Aquatic Guide.

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