„It’s a feat of trust, which once accepted by me, allowed deep relaxation and the accompanying healing to naturally arise.I felt as though I had flowed into a womb-like space, or maybe the deep ocean(Ah! If only I had gills! 😉

Afterwards I was deeply calm. Actually so relaxed I was concerned I would fall asleep there and then. But also subtly moved in ways that are still unfolding several days after the experience.”


Julian - Watsu

„She was really attentive, made me feel comfortable and tailored the session to treat the areas where I felt particular tension. During the treatment I felt light, free, protected and fully relaxed. I reached a deeply meditative state and saw beautiful colours and shapes. The session helped me to release physical tension. I highly recommend it. Would absolutely want to get another session with Kamila.”


Laurita - Watsu

„She is intuitive and reassuring, and held me securely enough for me to be comfortable, yet lightly enough for my body to relax and explore its own patterns in the water. She identified and calmed my centres of anxiety, and released deep tensions. I felt truly free and peaceful after our first Watsu exploration, and I am eager for more. Thank you, Kamila.”


Kathy: teacher, gardener, dancer and poet - Watsu




Aquatic theraphy, a water massage. It incoporates static passive streches and seqence of passive body movements or patterns performed at warm, minimum 33 degrees water. It is based on theories of meridians introduces applied techniques of Shiatsu into the water.

The primary objective is to allow the body to drift into a deeper state of relaxation.
The person is cradled throughout the various movement sequences. Weight is reduced on vertebrae and extremities, thus enhancing muscle relaxation. Once the relaxation is achieved aided by weightlessness efects, spine flexibility is increased to levels far beyond what can be reached on land.

WATSU has a profound effect on the neuromuscular system. It relevies stress, chronic pain, help to ease the dyscomfort of pregnancy, used in sports training and recovery. It is beneficial for special needs.



Immediate benefits with first WATSU Session


increased range of motion
increased muscle relaxation
decreased muscle spasm
decreased spasticity
decreased pain

Long-term benefits after multiple WATSU Sessions


improved sleep patterns
improved digestion
improved healing and immune system response
greater decreases in pain
decreased anxiety
many people report a decrease in their emotional pain


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