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“Kamila and her special natural empathy made me overcome my fear, with my big surprise! After a few session with her I was able to trust the water and look at the pool without a terror” 


Conquer the fear of water - Laura

“Kamila’s approach is simply perfect and the fact that I began to swim independently is a reflexion of her excellent teaching and her wonderful (calm and kind) attitude”


Conquer the fear of water - Manja K

“Her warm guidance was so much different than what I had experienced in any swimming pool before - and suddenly I realized that with her presence and caution I was able to swim with less than two hours of practice. Being 31 y.o. I never thought that’s gonna happen and to my surprise with such ease, trust and comfort would more than recommend to trust getting in the water with her “


Conquer the fear of water - Magda




This class is a mixture of my teaching and aqua therapy skills which makes it special for people who wants to conquer the fear of water, find the freedom in the body and regain control. Learning to swim is like learning to fly. You would be surprised how much joy it can bring.
Dealing with fear needs lots of support in a safe environment. I am able to provide a secure space for you. My aim is to approach you from the safe zone angle. Empower you and teach you how to listen to your own body in the water.  

The session is held on 121 ina private warm pool with nobody else around. The session lasts 30 min. Its a block of 10 sessions with one 1h WATSU session included. So far I have 100% success with all my students.

Conquer fear of water

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