This class is my own invention. I am using all my aquatic bodywork knowledge. It is dedicated for adults and children that just want to enjoy being in the water while having a proper exercises. Fun ONLY!


This class is all about enyoing one’s bodies in the water element not only throught swimming but through play, games, playing tricks and lots of different exercises that you don’t usually see at the swimming lessons. By this you will be able to exercise at many different levels physical; lungs capacity, cordination, movement behavior; psychological stimulation brain activity,confidence, sensory integration; relaxation,; social playing together as a team as well as a fair play rivarly.


You would be able to recognize different emelements of land/water body work such as ball games, synchronised swimming, yoga, dance, relaxation WATSU and many more.


Aquatic Bodywork

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„This class is one of the highlights of Jess’s week. She oves the creativity and enjoys learing new skills in the water. She also loves swimming with a team”


Jess - Aquaticbodywork class

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Kamila Janiak

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