Aquatic theraphy, a water massage. It incoporates static passive streches and seqence of passive body movements or patterns performed at warm 33 degrees water. It is based on theories of meridians introduces applied techniques of Shiatsu into the water.

The primary objective is to allow the body to drift into a deeper state of relaxation.

The person is cradled throughout the various movement sequences. Weight is reduced on vertebrae and extremities, thus enhancing muscle relaxation. Once the relaxation is achieved aided by weightlessness efects, spine flexibility is increased to levels far beyond what can be reached on land.

WATSU has a profound effect on neuromuscular system. It relevies stress, chronic pain, help to ease the dyscomfort of pregnancy, used in sports training and recovery. It is beneficial for special needs.

Immediate Benefits With First Session


increased range of motion

increased muscle relaxation

decreased muscle spasm

decreased spasticity

decreased pain

Long-term Benefits After Multiple Sessions


improved sleep patterns

improved digestion

improved healing and immune system response

greater decreases in pain

decreased anxiety

many people report a decrease in their emotional pain


Active aquatic theraphy is based on principles of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and body mechanicks. Hallwick concept is an approach to teaching all people, in particular, focussing on those with physical and/or learning difficulties, also for those with a fear of the water. Ulimatelly leading the student into idependent swimming.

The approach revolves around the theories of balance control, motor control. Clinical objevtives include:

improvment of muscle strenght

improvment of motor control

improvment of circulation

improvment of breathing patterns

improvment of static and dynamic balance

improvment of gait pattern

improvment of postural tone


I trained swimming for 15 years at the National level which makes my teaching very technically correct.I have been  a swim coach for 9 years.

For the last 3 years I am working for ESA  giving a quality lessons to children and adults.

I cover all aspects of swimmer development: physical, psychological, and social. My class is a good place for development of specific areas such as coordination, stamina, respiratory system and sensory integration. People with difficulties are warmly welcome. My strong advantage is a quick implementation of the most effective methods according to clients abilities and levels. When I teach children I always try and work with their imagination, telling a story and playing games, which are actually all the proper exercises and skills but made with much more fun!

Besides elementary teaching I am able to create workouts for swimmers based on abilities, analysing strokes and technique. Many triathlonist already got  technical support at my sessions.


This class is my own invention. I am using all my aquatic bodywork knowledge. It is dedicated for adults and children that just want to enjoy being in the water while having a proper exercises. Fun ONLY!

This class is all about enyoing one’s bodies in the water element not only throught swimming but through play, games, playing tricks and lots of different exercises that you don’t usually see at the swimming lessons. By this you will be able to exercise at many different levels physical; lungs capacity, cordination, movement behavior; psychological stimulation brain activity,confidence, sensory integration; relaxation,; social playing together as a team as well as a fair play rivarly.

You would be able to recognize different emelements of land/water body work such as ball games, synchronised swimming, yoga, dance, relaxation WATSU and many more.